I Shot a Roll of Black and White Film at Night in Washington, D.C.

I spent a night shooting a roll of black-and-white film around downtown DC. These are the results.

Andrew Clay


Camera: Nikon FM-2 | Film: Kodak Tri-X 400TX

Photo by author

I will admit, this was a true run-and-gun, barebones shoot.

I didn’t bring a tripod, everything was handheld, and my internal light meter was broken.

Despite the challenges, I wanted to see what exactly I could capture with what little I had at my disposal and experiment.

Overall, I was stunned by the results.

The vast majority of the roll did not turn out, but the few that did give off a film noir vibe due to the stark contrast between the highlights and shadows in the images.

Would I do this barebones experiment again? Absolutely!

Check out the few photos from the shoot that did turn out below!

The Results

Photos by author
Photos by author
Photos by author

What do you think of these experimental photos from the shoot?